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Norwex vs Ecloth | Why Is Norwex Twice The Price If It Performs The Same?

December 20, 2018

Norwex vs Ecloth  – Does Norwex Really Work?

Everyone wants to know if Norwex and Ecloth really performs the same and if they really work better than chemicals.  The other thing we all want to know, “Why is Ecloth 1/2 the price of Norwex?!”  AND “Does that mean Ecloths don’t work as well as Norwex?”

Norwex Reviews and Ecloth Reviews – Want Norwex For Cheaper?!

Here’s the skinny on these two companies.

They both started in the mid 90’s in Europe.  They both use incredible technology: Science.
Ecloth and Norwex both make their fibers extremely small (up to 1.6 million fiber strands per square inch of cloth).  These microscopic fibers are strong, they can break up, lift, lock in, and clean deep down into the tiniest grooves and crevices.

Using just water, both cloths are able to remove over 99% of bacteria, locking them away inside the cloths special fibers, where they stay until the cloths are washed. Norwex and Ecloths can be washed hundreds of times and still be effective.

“Can Norwex Really Be Better Than Ecloth – If They Both Remove Over 99% Of The Bacteria From Your Surfaces?”      “No.”

People are funny.  In fact, if you price one product higher than another product you will assume the higher priced item is better quality.  This is a common tactic used in marketing.  Sometimes it is true and sometimes it’s not true.

Actually, there is a reason Norwex costs more than Ecloth.  Norwex sells their products through a more expensive business model (mlm, network marketing, home parties).  Norwex needs to cover their own expenses AND also pay commissions on several people in the upline to compensate for the sale.

Ecloth uses a traditional business model and there aren’t any middle men to pay.  It goes straight from the warehouse to you without having to pay a downline.  Reward yourself by not buying through an mlm company. (of course this only works if the companies are comparable like in this example).

So you can get the same performance as Norwex for cheaper by going with ecloth.

To see the whole line of ecloths, click here.

She cleaned this microfiber couch with both, an ecloth and a Norwex enviro cloth.  Impressed!?!

Norwex vs Ecloth

Norwex vs Ecloth

Acne – How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne, Before & After Pictures

December 12, 2018

Acne Is No Fun – How To Get Rid Of Acne Is A Great Question

By the time I was 24, my face was covered in acne and acne scars.  Over the last 15 yrs and 6 pregnancies… my acne has come and gone multiple times. It’s always been a mystery as to why I had it and why it went away (temporarily).

I never had it as bad as I did when I was in my early twenties until last year – then the acne came back with a vengeance.  My acne was getting worse!  I thought acne went away after the teenage years.  Boy was I wrong.

This time there were some spots that were more like cystic acne.  I was so frustrated and very determined to figure out what was causing it so I could figure out how to make it go away.

The Acne Started Moving To My Chest And Back!

I’ve always known AND even told others, that the liver and the skin are closely related.  But I never really considered my situation when I would say that.  Why? maybe because I have never been on medication (often hard on the liver).  And have a life style that is easy on the liver.  I thought I was an exception.


A neighbor asked me if I had any “acne home remedies” and what I thought might help her son’s acne in his hair (on his scalp) and the acne on his back.  My first response for the acne in his hair/scalp was tea tree oil treatments and apple cider vinegar rinses. No need for expensive shampoos.  Just add tea tree oil to some quality shampoo (find a list of non toxic shampoos on the  And that would really help with the acne in his hair.  There are other essential oils that help with acne – see them here.

Next, I mentioned to her that he should take Milk Thistle (this is the one I use – it’s 1/2 price).  The bottle says to take one a day.


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How To Use Essential Oils For A Cold or Sore Throat?

November 28, 2018
essential oil cold sore throat

How To Use Essential Oils For A Cold or Sore Throat

Would you like to know how to use essential oils for a cold or sore throat? There a so many essential oils to choose from and I’ll share what I use almost daily

One of the essential oil blends I use the most to support the body against colds and sore throats is this one:  Immune Strength.   Then we either roll it on the bottoms of our feet, on our wrists or on our neck.  And it smells good!

What Essential Oils Should I Keep On Hand (and travel with)?

I have a roller of Immune Strength in my purse, in my car and in my kitchen.  This way I don’t have to always be hunting down my one an only bottle.  When my husband travels for work, I pack on for him to take.  We faithfully use this before we go to hang out with other kids or go to public places (grocery store, birthday parties, church, play groups, etc). I want to be able to provide social activities for my kids and this is how I fight against germs and use essential oils for a cold and sore throat. (yes, it helps even if you already have a sore throat).

Because essential oils smell great, you can use them around the house. Another great idea is to add Immune Strength to your liquid or foaming hand soap. Some people really like to use it to clean there house.

A lot of people have heard of Thieves cleaner.  Since Immune Strength is a very similar formula, you can use in place of Thieves.  So, should you use Thieves vs Immune Strength?  Either option is great!

Thieves cost $45.72 and Immune strength costs $26.95.
Do note that Immune Strength has a 90 day return policy and ships for FREE!
(And a 15ml bottle will last you a long time if you use it in a roller.)

Here are some other recipes for Immune:

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Best Essential Oils – Young Living vs DoTerra

November 23, 2018
young living vs doterra

Young Living vs DoTerra -Finding The Best Essential Oils.

Does it make a difference if you are using Young Living vs DoTerra?

First, let me say that essential oils are powerful.
They have definitely improved the quality of my life.

When Several Companies Claim To Be The Best Essential Oil Company, How Do You Choose?

Maybe you are researching to see if you should be using Young Living vs DoTerra oils or you already have one and want more info.

Or maybe you have heard about essential oils but have never tried them or maybe you haven’t tried a premium brand…

I use this company: Click Here To See.

“Why do I use this company?!”

Glad you asked 😉


After doing a TON of research and thought I just might be able to find a brand that was amazing OR possibly even better than the Young Living products or doTerra oils <gasp>.  Having used brands in the past, but REALLY wanted to find a brand I could trust that wasn’t an MLM or network marketing company.  I had a suspicion that if I did find such a brand, it would be less expensive than the MLM brands because there is a lot less overhead when you don’t use the MLM model to sell your products.   And I was right.

Doing much research, asking LOTS of questions, and sending emails… I found a essential oil company that has met EVERY expectation of mine.

They are a phenomenal company.

I have been completely impressed with every aspect of their company and product.

Where do I start…

  • highest quality available in the industry – click here to read more
  • GC/MS test results from a verified third-party, independent lab tested
  • 100% pure and authentic
  • bottom of their bottle has individual batch code
  • input that number into their website here to pull up the GC/MS test results
  • 90-Day no hassle product return policy
  • pays for our customers’ return shipping expenses!
  • free domestic shipping
  • 80 single oils, that is MORE than what DoTerra or Young Living offers

They have the best prices on the more pricey oils like frankincense , helichrysum and rose oils.

Read more…

Organic Cleaning – Easiest & Cheapest Way To Clean Organically

November 20, 2018
organic cleaning

Organic Cleaning Is Easy And Works Better Than Chemicals

Cleaning organically (meaning without chemicals sprays) can be faster and simpler than you first thought?  Keep reading if you want to know how to clean without chemicals.

What’s better than easy cleaning?!?!  Cleaning that is cheap and works!

All you need is an ecloth and water.  YUP, you read that right.  Ecloths have amazing technology.  They have millions of microscopic fibers that are tightly woven and literally pick up over 99% of the bacteria from your surfaces.  You don’t need any chemicals.  Simply wet the ecloth and start wiping everything you can find.

Tired of the way your hands feel after using Clorox?!  Use an ecloth and your surfaces will be even cleaner.  Ecloths work better than chemicals!  (not to mention, they are much safer too) 

How can this be, you ask?  If you are using chemicals, you are relying on the chemical being in contact with the bacteria and germs long enough to kill them.  When you wipe your surface with a paper towel, there is a good chance you didn’t pick everything up.  Do you notice how you have to wipe and rewipe the surface to get everything?  And how do you know if you used enough chemicals and if the chemicals stayed on the surface long enough to kill what you didn’t wipe up?

Next question, are you okay with having those cleaning chemicals touching your skin and disrupting the hormones and chemistry in your body?  I’m not okay with that.  What about all the droplets in the air you are breathing?

With an ecloth, you pick up practically everything, even all the microscopic creepy things AND you do it without touching or inhaling any chemicals.  Your surfaces are safe for you, your children and pets.

Check out this handy chart.

It explains why using only water works like magic.  You won’t be disappointed.